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12 year olds with certificate of recovery

Hi I have full green passes for 2 adults and a 17 year old triple and double vaccinated
My twins have just turned 12 on 27/12/21 so only have 1 vaccination (in the UK you can only vaccinate from 12) but they are travelling with fully vaccinated parents.
I do have a certificate of recovery for each twin but it has no QR code on it - can I get the ski pass at ticket office ? Do I need to validate it daily ? Or do I need to to the 48 hour testing at the pharmacy and get a QR code ?
Many thanks

Domanda fatta da Jenny il 06/01/2022 21:21:30

Risposte: 4If you have a valid certification for all of them, you can have your ski pass activated in the office. Once activated, it can easily be reactivated daily via the app.

Risposta di IS-Admin del 06/01/2022 22:22:45
I would like clarity on this answer. It states you an easily reactivate daily via the app! How? The app us going to show expired ski pass every evening. Then to reactivate you need to use the same QR code you used before which will ne saved to your phone in case of vaccination. With this you hve no QR code, how will you reactivate proof of recovery without QR code.
All this nonsense is so confusing and contradictory.

Risposta di Damir del 14/01/2022 15:15:26
No, the app already has your QR code in its memory after the first time. From the second day, you only have to confirm it daily. With the confirmation, the app checks online whether your Super Green Pass is still valid. You only need 2 seconds for this work.

Risposta di IS-Admin del 14/01/2022 16:16:15
If you have a certificate with a Qrcode, you manage it via the app.
If you don't have a QRcode, you have to validate it daily in the office.

Risposta di IS-Admin del 14/01/2022 17:17:18
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