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News about Coronavirus

The situation in South Tyrol and Val Gardena is stable. The mayor of Selva Roland Demetz explains that the
infected guest of Selva Gardena was probably already infected with the coronavirus before his arrival. This is
also suggested by the very short duration of the German tourist's stay in Val Gardena, according to a statement
by the medical service. The apartment-host is in a domestic quarantine as a precaution. She shows no
In our holiday destination everything runs normally: all lifts are in operation and all slopes are open. The hotels,
huts and restaurants are properly opened.
1. all measures taken by the Province of South Tyrol are preventive measures.
2. In case of cancellations, the usual cancellation conditions apply.
3. our reference airports are Innsbruck and Munich.
Civil Protection (29-26.02.2020): The situation is calm, the situation is safe according to the Civil
Protection Agency. In none of the suspected cases could the coronavirus be confirmed. This leaves
only one confirmed case, which is still in isolation.
Short stay in South Tyrol of a Germanic citizen with Coronavirus. The person with whom he had direct
contact is in isolation.
Official announcement Dolomiti Superski (Twitter): due to some rumours, Dolomiti Superski
announces that the ski lifts continue to operate regularly in the whole area. There has also been no
extraordinary meeting to consider stopping operations.

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