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Travelling to ski with 12 and 15 year old

We are due to travel on 27th december. my husband and I are fully vaccinated with booster and our son is 9. my daughters have had their first dose and are not yet eligible for 2nd dose in the uk. one of them has also had covid (confirmed by pcr on 2/10/21). 3 of us can get the super green pass but my daughters will not be able to, as I understand it. Is this correct and will restaurants let the children in if they are with fully vaccinated adults. I have no QR codes for the children as the nhs will only give them for under 16's by letter if they've had 2 doses?

thanks in advance

Frage gestellt von Judith Yeo am 17/12/2021 14:14:08

Antworten: 1For your son (9 years old) you don't need anything, for the rest we advise you to bring the documents proving your vaccinations (even just the first one), or those proving that you are recovered from the covid. To activate the Skipass, the Skipass office will convert those accepted by EU law even without the QR code.

Antwort von IS-Admin vom 19/12/2021 00:00:33
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