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Proof of vaccination

I have a question for my son a 12 year old
He doesn’t have a phone but a yellow vaccination passport (we have this in the netherlands) with the dates and stamp of the vaccination. If I go to the ticketoffice to activate the pass is this also ok to take the yellow vaccination passport instead of the qr code?

Frage gestellt von Julia am 12/01/2022 11:11:12

Antworten: 3Yes, this fits, the activation takes place directly in the ski pass office.

Antwort von IS-Admin vom 12/01/2022 17:17:35
Thank you.
So I have to buy the ski-pass at the ticket office (or can I buy it online as well?) and have to come there every day with the vaccination passport to activate the pass or is there another way?

Antwort von Julia (again) vom 12/01/2022 18:18:46
You can buy it online also, but you need every day to activate it at the Ski Pass Office, or every Cable Car station.

Antwort von IS-Admin vom 13/01/2022 19:19:53
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