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Geographical information about Val Gardena in the Dolomites

Val Gardena is a side Valley of the Valle d’Isarco which stretches from Ponte Gardena to the Sella mountain or the Dolomite passes “passo Sella” and “passo Gardena”. The Ladin Val Gardena, a retreat area of the Ladin language, contains only the three communities Ortisei 1236 m, S. Cristina 1428 m and Selva 1563 m with altogether 10.000 inhabitants. 90% of the population in Val Gardena speaks Ladin as mother tongue.

Val Gardena

Val Gardena UNESCO World Natural Site
Val Gardena is surrounded by the Dolomites which were declared a UNESCO World Natural Site in the year 2009. The Sella group, Puez group, Odle group and tSassolungo group with its main summit Sassolungo are part of the Val Gardena Dolomites. The “local mountain” (3181 m) is a majestic appearance and well known also beyond the borders. The alpine pastures and slopes of the holiday area reach up to 2518 m and are easily accessible with modern lift facilities. The most important economical factors in Val Gardena are handicraft and tourism. The Valley is famous above all through the wood carving products. Currently Val Gardena has 17.765 beds for guests in 1006 tourist accommodations, among them first-class hotels with up to 5 stars, residences, rooms, apartments and accommodation at farms. Ski tourism in winter and hiking tourism in summer are of particular importance in the Valley.

Ortisei in Val Gardena

St. Ulrich
  • Altitude: 1.236 m
  • Area: 2.423 ha
  • Inhabitants: 5.500
  • Guest beds: approx. 6.000
  • Overnight: approx. 740.000 per year
  • Latitude: 46°34'30"72 N
  • Longitude: 11°40'6"60 E
  • Decimal degrees: 46,5752; 11,6685
  • S. Cristina in Val Gardena

    St. Christina
  • Altitude: 1.428 m
  • Area: 3.183 ha
  • Inhabitants: 2.000
  • Guest beds: approx. 2.900
  • Overnight: approx. 320.000 per year
  • Latitude: 46°34'20"16 N
  • Longitude: 11°43'41"04 E
  • Decimal degrees: 46,5582; 11,7202
  • Selva Val Gardena

  • Altitude: 1.563 m
  • Area: 5.327 ha
  • Inhabitants: 2.600
  • Guest beds: approx. 8.000
  • Overnight: approx. 1.000.000 per year
  • Latitude: 46°33'20"16 N
  • Longitude: 11°46'41"04 E
  • Decimal degrees: 46,5556; 11,7614
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