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children 12-17 years old full vaccinated more than 6 months elier

in all Europe is it not possible to be vaccinated by third dose for children 12-17 years old - recomendation of EMA will be published at 24.Jan 2022.
Only adults can get booster in this times. If children were vaccinated before 01.Jul 2021 probably will be treated as non-vaccinated - so my holidays are not possible in Italu after 01.feb 2022

Question asked by karol on 18/01/2022 09:09:53

Answers: 1With effect from 1 February 2022, the "Super Green Pass" will only have a validity period of 6 months, which means, conversely, that from this date onwards, the completed vaccination cycle may never exceed the time span of 6 months.

Answer by IS-Admin from 18/01/2022 16:16:08
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